The German Language Trail

Köthen (Anhalt)

Memorial of Ludwig I at the Schlossplatz in Köthen
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Tourist Information:

The New Fruitbearing Society is based in Köthen. It continues the tradition of the advancemenet and preservation of the German Language. The first German language society founded by Ludwig I, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen in 1617 originally started this tradition. The society offers exhibitions in the Köthen Castle and hosts various events for the advancement and preservation of the German language

The Adventurous World of the German Language

At the Adventurous World of the German Language visitors can explore the German language and learn about German through various topics. It was created by the first German language society, the Fruitbearing Society, which was founded in the 17th century. Adults and children are encouraged to participate in the exhibition by engaging in multi-media animations, projections and sound reproductions.