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Cycling along the Road of the German Language

On this bicycle tour of the Road of the German Language, coming from Köthen, we follow through the World Heritage Region Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg. On the Euroroute R1, we cycle from Köthen through the Eike-von-Repgow Village Reppichau to Dessau. On the Mulder and Elbe Cycle Path, the cycle tour continues via Vockerode and Wörlitz through the picturesque Elbe meadows until Wittenberg. Afterwards we follow the coal | steam | light - cycle path, which leads us past the post-mining lakes of the Dübener Heide to Gräfenhainichen and into the Book Village Mühlbeck-Friedersdorf.


Reading tour with music

The reading tour leads from Köthen, the city of the first German language academy, the Fruitbearing Society, along the places on the Road of the German Language to the World Heritage Region Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg. Our digital reading tour with music invites you to discover the places we stop at by bike or car. These are places where language history was written, places that invite you to take walks in urban surroundings and in the nature, as well as to visit museums. You can look forward to Köthen with the German Language World Experience in castle Köthen, Osternienburg, the place where the poet Alfred Wirth worked, the Eike-von-Repgow Village Reppichau with the "Art Project Sachsenspiegel", the Luther City Wittenberg, Gräfenhainichen, the birthplace of the hymn writer Paul Gerhardt, the Buchdorf Mühlbeck-Friedersdorf and Dessau, the birthplace of the poet Wilhelm Müller, to whom we owe the poetry collection "The Fair Maid of the Mill" as well as the song cycle "Winter Journey".

Literary journey through Saxony-Anhalt

Where does it come from, the German language? And who were the driving forces individuals? With a short literary journey through the country and through the centuries, we set out on a journey to the beginnings of the language here in what is now Saxony-Anhalt: Magic spells, first prose in German, Sachsenspiegel, the New Fearsome Society, Gleim, Winckelmann, Goethe and Schiller, Marie Nathusius, Novalis, Reichard's Garden, Literature House Magdeburg etc. A production as local television of the state on behalf of the State Chancellery and the Ministry of Culture of Saxony-Anhalt in 2016.


New Fruitbearing Society brings the Road of the German Language to life

In 2011, the plan of the New Fruitbearing Society on Köthen/Anhalt to create a Road of the German Language has taken shape. In spring, initial talks were held with potential partners in three German states.

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