Where language comes to life …

... You can go on an exciting cultural discovery tour through central Germany and northern Bavaria Along the "Road of the German Language" there are many treasures to discover. We wish you much joy.

This part of Germany is the heart of the German language area. In Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and northern Bavaria, you will find a dense array of places whose past and present are significant for the German language. Here stands the cradle of High German: thanks to the Saxon office language and thanks to the reformer Martin Luther. Great writers worked here. Today, festivals, language days and competitions for the German language take place here, and the language is especially cultivated and experienced in theaters and reading festivals. Be surprised!

Travel on the first vacation route that combines language cultivation and tourism. We'll gladly give you suggestions for your treasure hunt. There is much to discover, so there is one thing we cannot promise: that you will be speechless.

On the trail of the German language

Did you know that the German language is already over 1200 years old? With around 100 million speakers, it is now the most widely spoken native language in Europe. One out of five Europeans speaks it as a native language, one out of seven as a foreign language. German is the official language in seven countries and in the European Union. Twelve percent of all books published worldwide are in German.

The German language is the key to education, integration and participation in German society. The great expressiveness of the German language and its beauty have inspired poets and thinkers. It is unique and offers a special look of the world.

Get to know the hospitable places that have shaped this rich cultural language! In central Germany and northern Bavaria there are particularly many of them. They have connected with each other through the "Road of the German Language".

Here, great minds enriched the German language: Konrad Duden, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Martin Luther, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Gottfried August Bürger, Paul Gerhardt, Eike von Repgow, Novalis, Friedrich Rückert, Jean Paul, August Graf von Platen and many others. Here originated the first German language society, the Fruitbearing Society of 1617, and the oldest language and literary society in Germany, the Pegnitz Flower Society of 1644, which still exists today. You will find their traces on the Road of the German Language.

“Language is a means of transport;
just as the railroad carries goods from
Leipzig to Dresden, language transports
thoughts from
one head to another”

Wilhelm Ostwald

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