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Where language comes alive...


Embark on an exciting cultural expedition across Central Germany. Many treasures await discovery on the Road of German Language. Have fun on your journey!


Central Germany is the heart of the German-speaking area. Places of present and pastsignificance to the German language are located close to each other in Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. This is the birthplace of High German, thanks to Sächsische Kanzleisprache  (language of the Saxon Chancery) and the reformer Martin Luther. This is where great authors lived and worked. Festivals, language days and competitions focusing on the German language are hosted here. German is being cultivated and made accessible in theatres and reading festivals. Be surprised!


Travel on the first holiday route which combines language cultivation and tourism. We are happy to help you on your treasure hunt on the Road of German Language. There is lots to discover, so we cannot promise you will be lost for words.


Tracing the German language


Did you know German is over 1200 years old? With about 100 million speakers German is today's most spoken mother tongue in Europe. German is the mother tongue of every fifth European and is spoken as a foreign language by every seventh European. German is the official language in seven countries in the European Union  Twelve percent of all books published worldwide are printed in German.


The German language is the key to education, integration and participation in German society. The beauty and expressiveness of German have inspired poets and thinkers alike. German is unique and offers a special perspective on the world.


Visit welcoming places which shaped this rich cultural language!  Especially in Central Germany many of these places can be found. They are joined by the Road of German Language.


This is where great minds enriched the German language: Konrad Duden, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Martin Luther, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Gottfried August Bürger, Paul Gerhardt, Eike von Repgow, Novalis and many more. The New Fruitbearing Society, the first German linguistic society, was founded here in 1617. Discover these traces on the Road of German Language!


“Language is a means of transport;
just as much as the rail road transports goods from
Leipzig to Dresden, language transports
thoughts from one mind
to another.”
Wilhelm Ostwald