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Cycling along the Trail of the German Language

Starting from Köthen, we follow this tour along the Trail of the German language through the world heritage region of Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg. On the "Euro-Route R1" we cycle from Köthen through the Eike-von-Repgow-town Reppichau to Dessau. The tour continues via Elbe and Mulde cycle route through Vockerode, Wörlitz and the picturesque flood plains of the Elbe river to Wittenberg. Afterwards we follow the Kohle | Dampf | Licht (German for: Coal | Steam | Light) cycle route, which leads us past the lakes of the Düben Heath, which were created by the mining industry, to Gräfenhainichen and the book town Mühlbeck-Friedersdorf.


Literary journey through Saxony-Anhalt

Where does the German language stem from? And who were the people who acted as the driving forces? A short literary journey through country and centuries opens up the way to the origins of the language in today's Saxony-Anhalt: Incantations, first prose in German, Sachsenspiegel, the New Fruitbearing Society, Gleim, Winckelmann, Goethe and Schiller, Marie Nathusius, Novalis, Reichard's garden, Literature house Magdeburg and so on. A production for the regional television of the federal state on behalf of the State chancellery and the Ministry of Culture Saxony Anhalt in 2016.


The Pegnitz Flower Society and the German Language Trail's Southern Extension

New Fruitbearing Society initiates the German Language Trail

In 2011, the New Fruitbearing Society's plan to create a German Language Trail took shape. In spring, the first talks with potential partners from three federal states were held.